Our Advocates Fight Against Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Neglect in Chicago

Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse
Goldman & Assoc. ChicagoIn cases of elder abuse and nursing home neglect in Chicago, Goldman & Associates, LLC is ready defend and advocate for the treatment and respect your loved ones deserve. As our population continues to age, it is important for everyone to remain ever vigilant regarding the care of the elderly.

Neglect and abuse can occur in many different areas, including physical, emotional, and financial. All kinds and levels of abuse and neglect are harmful and can often be tricky to uncover. Because of the increased potential for both physical and mental decline, the elderly are some of the most susceptible and vulnerable members of our society. These medical conditions are also what make recognizing abuse more difficult to identify. Often, it’s too easy to attribute changes to a worsening of their conditions.

If you’re ever uneasy or worried about injuries or personality changes in your aging loved one, please research the signs of elder abuse and neglect. Don’t just accept the explanations of the nursing care staff; follow your instincts and intuition and contact legal counsel specializing in nursing home neglect and elder abuse. Our access to medical experts and professionals can help you discover any issues, and we can help you fight for the care and compensation your loved ones deserve.

Because nursing home abuse and neglect can manifest in many different forms and is subject to a variety of laws, as well as constrained by specific statutes of limitations, getting an experienced legal time on your side is imperative to moving forward. Call Goldman & Associates, LLC today for a free consultation regarding the abuse and neglect of your elderly friend or relative.