What Causes a Truck Tire Blowout

A major cause of truck accidents would be tire blowouts. When a passenger or their vehicle is hit by a piece of stray rubber from a tire blowout, passenger vehicle occupants run the risk of getting into an accident that could potentially prove itself to be fatal. If you have been involved in an accident caused by a truck tire blowout, it is time to speak with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible at 317-548-0672, you may be eligible to be compensated for your damages.

What Causes Truck Tire Blowouts

When semi-truck tires are driven while underinflated, there is increased pressure on the outer walls of tires and increases until the truck tire ultimately fails, causing a major blowout. This type of truck tire blowout is especially common for trucks specializing in carrying extra heavy loads, which places an excess level of stress on the fires, so check your tire load limit for each trip.

In Warmer Weather Tire Pressure Changes

Tire blowouts occur in the summer when tire pressure decreases in warmer weather as the pavement gets hotter. This quick decrease in pressure makes your tires more prone to flexing, which leads to a truck tire blowout. Check the weather forecast before hitting the road and be prepared to adjust your tire pressure, and limit the chances of a semi-truck tire blowout.

Be Consistent with Tire Treatment

Make certain that you are consistent with servicing your truck. Truck tires should be monitored often and replaced frequently. As an example, if you are in Seattle, it is also good to have a cheap towing Seattle roadside assistance company handy. Also, make certain to replace your tires often and make sure braking and alignment systems are in good condition. If you need to speak with a ttruck accident attorney, call 317-548-0672.