What to Look for in a Drug Crime Defense Attorney

If you are charged with drug crime charges in Indiana. In that case, you need to take them seriously because your instance could impact both your personal life and your professional career for many years ahead. The primary step to safeguarding the best outcome is working with a drug attorney to protect your civil rights during every phase of the procedures. Locating the right drug crime defense attorney can be difficult, however. If you have never needed a lawyer that helps with drug charges previously, you may not always understand what sort of high qualities to consider.

Indiana Drug Crime Laws

Drug crimes are major offenses in Indiana and can lead to:

  • Jail time
  • Hefty fines
  • Permanent criminal record

Getting in touch with an attorney as soon as possible, as opposed to just before your court date, can ensure you secure your rights from the very beginning. Indiana’s drug possession law mentions that a person might not have or make use of a drug unless the individual acquires the medication via a lawful prescription. In general, if a person without a valid prescription intentionally possesses a controlled substance, he or she can end up with a felony charge.

The charges might boost seriousness if the individual possesses the medicine on a school bus or within 1,000 feet of an institution, public park, youth program center, or household real estate complex. Indiana Code sections 35-48 and 35-42 detail the state’s anti-drug regulations and explains the fines for having any non-prescription drug. Cannabis continues to be an illegal compound in Indiana, even in medicinal instances. Possession of marijuana or marijuana by-products (e.g., hash or edibles) is guilty as a Class B Misdemeanor in Indiana if under 30 grams and a Class A Misdemeanor if over 30 grams.

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Distinguish Between Self-confidence and also Pompousness

An excellent criminal defense lawyer will be confident in their ability to represent customers without coming off as arrogant. For example, you should not try to find someone who can assure you of attaining a specific result. Crim processes are unforeseeable, and there is no chance to forecast precisely how a particular situation may end up. Consequently, you ought to search for somebody that will certainly more than happy to review all possible results and might explain which one they will inevitably attempt to accomplish for you without assuring one over the other.


Meet With the Drug Crime Lawyer in Person

 The only means to obtain an accurate understanding of how well you could collaborate with someone is by satisfying them personally. Once you find a criminal defense lawyer that you are considering, arrange a preliminary examination, and make use of the conference to identify how well you agree. Given that you will be functioning very closely with your drug crime lawyer throughout the case, it’s vital to pick a person that puts you secure from the moment you enter the workplace.

Obtain a Reference

Suppose you have buddies or family members that encountered lawful issues comparable to your own. In that case, they might have the ability to refer you to the attorney who they relied on for legal support. You can also ask potential prospects for referrals to identify if they have a record of success and treat their customers well.


Find A Specialist

Ask the drug crime lawyer what percentage of their caseload consists of drug cases like yours. Whenever possible, you want to find a drug crime defense attorney who focuses on the criminal defense practice area, giving you the benefit of in-depth experience and expertise.

When You Need a Drug Crime Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction can impact your life for years to come, so don’t go it alone. When you need a drug crime defense attorney, call 866-594-7806 to speak with an Indiana drug crime defense legal expert.